Wood Fired Ovens

There is a view in England that wood fired ovens are a must have if you are an advocate for kitchen design and enjoy cooking the old fashion way. In fact, wood fire ovens at granite worktops in london states how these ovens have capture the imaginations of both young and old when it comes to having this brilliant tool as an additional cooking option at home. Wood fired ovens are also trending for commercial uses in small and large restaurants and eateries that present freshly baked breads and other delights.

Extra information about kitchen design

Another aspect of wood fired ovens is linked to various new designs that are compact and very affordable. The portable "dome" styled ovens can cook at high 450 C plus temperatures while also being very handy for backyard use. There are many testimonials online from homeowners who say they keep a dome over on their deck, terrace or garden for cooking in the same way as using a backyard grille.

Enjoying wood fired ovens

There is a view from longtime outdoor cooking fans that the traditional outdoor barbecue is being replaced by fun to use wood fired ovens that can cook things other than hot dogs and burgers.

A versatile wood fired oven can cook all sorts of foods outside including

- Pizzas that have that crispy wood hearth texture and flavor.

- All types of roasts that can be combined with potatoes and veggies.

- Slow-cooked fish dishes and stews of all types.

- Baked potatoes and specialty cakes

In general, the appeal of having a wood fired oven in one's backyard is the same as a traditional BBQ for outdoor cooking. However, the oven gives cooking fans more options that are combined with the appeal of burning wood for enhanced smoked flavors.

Wood fired ovens are decorative as well

While a portable dome styled wood fired oven appeals to the traditional BBQ cooking enthusiast, there is the attraction of building one's own unique and attractive oven to compliment a backyard dining and leisure area. In fact, there are many wood fired oven fans who comment online about how their new oven has brought their backyard garden and yard area back to life. They say things like, "we are using our backyard more for entertaining because it is so much fun to use." There are others who view this outside oven as a way to connect to how their ancestors cooked food outdoors back in the day.

At the same time, there is the appeal of discovering new food recipes and exciting new tastes that only a wood fired oven produces. There is also the appeal of building one's own oven brick by brick. The do-it-yourself fans throughout the U.K. are finding outdoor brick oven building is not only a bit of fun, but their new wood fired oven also boosts the value of their home.

Overall, there are all sorts of handy wood fired oven kits on the market today. There are portable dome ovens, and residential ovens that can be created with one's own lifestyle in mind.